Gathering Thoughts

Your team is ready for the retrospective, and you feel an energy boost after the warm-up! It's time to look back at the past 2-4 weeks and think about what went well and what can be improved.

At this stage, team members will write personal notes about their experiences during this period.

Some teams prefer to keep all reflections anonymous so that everyone feels safe discussing topics.

Other teams prefer not to make them anonymous, on the basis that everyone should already feel psychologically comfortable and ready to take responsibility for their thoughts.

Regardless of the tool you choose, this step usually involves entering thoughts on digital stickers or cards. With a retrospective tool like JustRetro, you will have built-in optional anonymity.

Tips for the Facilitator

Tips for Participants

As a participant in the retrospective, you might not know what to write. That's normal. To help you, here's an example of what strong and weak thoughts might look like:

What strong notes should look like:

Now you should be ready to write some great reflections for your retrospective.